Listen to MITD's Tuesday playlist


Last week was a big week because Kanye is officially back with another phenomenal album. Last Thursday, he gave the world the first listen of The Life of Pablo at Madison Square Garden, but it was not until late Saturday night that his fans got to stream the album exclusively on an upcoming music app, TIDAL. If you haven't listened to The Life of Pablo take a listen to track 8, a G.O.O.D Friday release titled "30 Hours". If you are looking for something more laid-back and peaceful, listen to track three by our standout artist of the week , Chris McClenney. He made “Vanessa’s Tune” in honor of J Dilla’s birthday and his Valentine. Check out his older work here. On track nine, we have Animal Collective’s latest release “Golden Gal” from their upcoming album Painting With which will be coming out this Friday. Check out the rest of the playlist below.