The 9:30 Club Lands TV Show


"Be Aware, Tonight's Show is Being Recorded." this exact sign has been on the walls of the 9:30 club in DC for 6 months now inside and outside of the club. According to The Washington Post, these signs were specifically posted to let their guest know that they will be recorded with little detail as to why or what for.

It has now been confirmed that the famous DC club will be premiering their music television show on PBS which will include several different concerts and music shows from about 40 past performances. 

The episodes will be an hour long and will include interviews, documentaries, and snippets of before and after the show with the performer and the fans that came out to see them. This show has been a year in the making to find sponsors and find their perfect balance between staying true to their brand and figuring out what would be marketable for the television at the same time.