H&M apologizes for controversial scarf


Fashion retailer H&M received severe backlash for for selling a headdress in its Canadian stores, a graphic tank after complaints of resembling anti-semitic views and now, a women's striped scarf that resembles a Jewish prayer shawl. 

The tallit is a traditional Jewish prayer shawl that has tzitzit ,knotted fringe, at the end of the scarf. Many tallitot's come in the same pattern and a similiar color scheme which is usually black or blue stripes on white or cream cloth. H&M's version of the Jewish shawl is on sale for $17.99 and closely resembles the color scheme, cream fabric with black stripes, and knotted fringe of the tallit. 

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 11.23.16 AM.png

Several people took offfense to this scarf designed by H&M. However, an H&M spokesperson told Seventeen in a statement, "We are truly sorry if we offended anyone with this piece. Everyone is welcome at H&M and we never take a religious or political stand. Stripes is one of the trends for this season and something we were inspired by. Our intention was never to upset anyone."