Patti LaBelle launches "#PattiCake"


This week, Patti LaBelle announced that her reign will continue in 2016 with her latest creation, Patti Cake.



Patti LaBelle released her line of Sweet Potato Pies, better known as “Patti Pies,” exclusively to Walmart in November to rave reviews. YouTuber James Wright created a video of himself tasting the pie for the first time while singing various Patti LaBelle songs claiming that the pie was so good “you turn into Patti after eating this.”

His review swiftly went viral, and Patti Pies began flying off the shelves. The infamous sweet potato pie was stated to have sold at one pie per second for three days straight following the release of Wright’s video review. People everywhere were itching to get their hands on Ms. Patti’s sweet potato pie.

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The Patti LaBelle Vanilla Pound Cake is now available at select Walmart stores around the country, and the Patti LaBelle Premium Caramel Cake is scheduled to release in stores Jan. 18.