Social media reacts to Oregon


For more than a week, members of an Oregon militia group have occupied a government refugee facility sparking a news controversy and social media fire storm. The conversation is growing as many people join the discussion on whether the group is fulfilling their first amendment right to peacefully assemble or are just a group of domestic terrorists. The militia members are currently protesting the rights to retain land that they have deemed to theirs. 

Amongst the thousands of opinions of American tweeters, Brooklyn native and hip-hop artist Talib Kweli Greene had some of the most prominent. Much of his argument stemmed from his belief that the Oregon protestors benefited from the social ideal of white privilege as they haven’t been subject to injustices placed upon African American protest groups.

In one retweet he stated, "(And they white so they will live to tell the tale) RT @WAC_Blackout: those crazy militia are standing up against the government."