9:30 Club Celebrates History


The 9:30 Club has been a staple in Northwest DC for over a decade. Recently the club celebrated it’s impact to the community with the 9:30 World’s Fair Double Anniversary Celebration. The five night event took visitors of a showcase of the history this DC cornerstone.

A component of this fair was the 9:30 Hall of Records. This exhibit consisted of records from even artist who has performed there since May 1980 (in chronological order). Although the fair has ended, the club has announced the Hall of Records as a permanent installation. While most of the records are real, there are still a few that the club is searching for. So a quest for those missing albums, the 9:30 is giving away free tickets to any fan for a trade.


As more headliners may their way through, the wall will continue to grow. Be sure to check out the website for upcoming events at the 9:30 club.