N.Y. Mets Star Cespedes Considering Taking His Talents to D.C.


Washington, D.C. finally got the White Christmas they had hoped for--in the literal sense. After being pelted by snow over the weekend, the Washington Nationals received a surprise gift, just under a month after Christmas. N.Y. Mets star Yoenis Cespedes showed interest in taking his talents to the nation's capital.

 Photo credit: New York Post Sports

Photo credit: New York Post Sports

On Thursday, the Nationals offered a five-year deal to the 30-year old outfielder. However, Cespedes, who was just acquired by the Mets last season, are trying to restructure his deal.

According to ESPN's Buster Onley, the Mets are discussing an opt-out clause for Cespedes after the first year of the team's proposed three-year deal.

This will give Cespedes the liberty to shop teams in the fall of next year. If this deal goes through, the Nationals could be easily be a championship contender in the next few years.