Obamas' first date love story debuts at Sundance Film Festival

It's the sweet, sentimental story of a first date — but the fictionalized first date of the couple who now call the White House home. 

"Southside With You," the component film taking into account Barack Obama and Michelle Robinson's first date, appeared Sunday to a packed house at the Sundance Film Festival. 

The movie recounts the account of a solitary day in 1989 — the first day that mid-year partner, Harvard understudy Barack Obama (Parker Sawyers), went through with his consultant, Michelle Robinson (Tika Sumpter), a second-year partner with a Chicago corporate law office.

He believes he's out on the town. She thinks she's going through the day with an expert partner. Before the end of a day that moves from The Art Institute of Chicago to a cookout lunch to a community organizing meeting, sharing beers and the then-recently released Spike Lee film "Do The Right Thing," they are both on the same page.