Local Artist on the Rise: Abhi//Dijon

Abhi//Dijon are a writing/producing duo that are slowly starting to make waves on the R&B scene. With influences like the early 2000s reign of The Neptunes and Timberland, their futuristic sounding R&B is reminiscent and fresh at the same time.

But unlike most looking for their big break in the music industry, the Maryland duo would prefer to be behind the scenes writing and producing music. According to Dijon, "Writing for ourselves is fun, but it gets boring after a while. We’re simple people. We don’t really have much to say. I think we have a lot, sonically, to say. But I think working with other people is how we will, hopefully, make some sort of statement.”

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Their most recent release Stay Up is a great three-song introduction to the talented duo and an indication to what is about to come. According to Abhi, “We really want you guys to fuck with it. I think the end product is, ‘We fuck with this a lot. Please fuck with it." 

We can't wait to see whats next for Abhi//Dijon, but in the meantime check out their SoundCloud for all of their past releases. 

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