Maclemore & Ryan Lewis - Sophomore Mess

 By Jay Saint Aubyn

Poised to release his next joint album with producer Ryan Lewis on Feb 26th, Macklemore teased fans with a trailer giving insight into his recording process.
"Growing Up" is the second single for the new album "This Unruly Mess I've Made" and is the first song anyone has heard from the "Thrift Shop" rapper this year. In similar fashion to other artist from the past year such as, Breezy & Yeezus the daddy daughter inspired song is an open letter to his daughter, Sloane.
The trailer narrated by none other than Macklemore describes his desire to make music because he wants to rather than because he has to. In order to do so he and his team disconnected from society by moving to a cabin in the woods. Once a week child birth classes he attended with his wife were the only times he returned from his reclusive recording sessions.

Maybe we'll have a 'Raven' sighting on the new album. Hopefully in a months time we all will understand the mess he made.