Check Out These Cool Websites to Learn Something New


Want to learn something new,  but you don't want to pay to take a class? Tired of going to the same crowded classes with the same stuffy professors? Well, this list will provide you with websites and apps that cover an array of topics. These sites and apps will teach you anything under the sun! You can learn at your own pace, and possibly become a pro! 

Take An Online Course - Take online courses from various universities. - Free online courses - Take a micro-course, at your own pace. - Take free creative class from experts. 

Learn How To Code - Learn to code interactively for free.  - Learn by doing, for free. - Get hired in six months after graduation. - 1 on 1 mentorship with top experts. 

Learn To Work WIth Data - The easiest way to learn data science.  - Learn data science in your browser. - Learn SQL and data analysis in a creative way. 

Learn New A Language - Learn a new language for free. - The free language learning community. - Discover a new language experience. - Learn a language through flashcards. 

Expand Your Knowledge - You can learn anything for free. - Learn through educational videos.  - Learn step-by-step instructions. - Learn from curated web, print, and video content.