Soundwave Selection Presents Artist Discussion + Live Performance with TØNYKILLS

Soundwave Selection is back and better than ever. Soundwave Selection is a monthly musical showcase. Their mission is to bring a great line-up every month, either showcasing local talent, or expending their quest to bring great music to the DMV. The showcase will feature a plethora of artists, regardless of genre or popularity. The goal is to commit to building a great, local community for music lovers by connecting everyone from all angles of the sphere: DJ’s, artists, producers, sound engineers, and all who revolve their art around music. On Thursday, January 14, head out to Songbyrd for the first showcase of the season. Join us for a night of creative networking, artist discussion, and a live performance from TØNYKILLS. RSVP and check out the itinerary for the evening below.



Everyone get's checked in before the event begins for Soundwave Selection.



An introduction to the artist for Soundwave Selection. Artist will speak about themselves by talking about their involvement in multimedia. The artist will discuss their production style, techniques, and show an example of their project to the people to get a better understanding of they are and how the song or instrumental was made.



Close the night with the artist that's involved in Soundwave Selection for a live performance/set.



An opportunity to explore other mind states by networking and generally having fun. Also the people will have a meet and greet with the Soundwave Selection attendees. Sponsor giveaways will happen around this time.

Looking for a way to get to Songbyrd for the event? Try Split, a homegrown taxi and ride sharing service. Download the app here and use the promo code SOUNDWAV

 Split - Smarter Shared Rides by Split Technology, Inc.

Split - Smarter Shared Rides by Split Technology, Inc.