Marcus Jordan constructs "TROPHY ROOM" to honor his father, MJ


Michael Jordan's son, Marcus Jordan, is opening TROPHY ROOM, a sneaker and apparel boutique, to honor his father's accomplishments. Marcus was inspired to create this boutique from the trophy room within the Jordan family residence. Holiday celebrations usually take place within this room, however, it also represented the icon's hard work, diligence and love toward his craft. 

"No one has lived my life and no one has the insight or perspective I've been exposed to. With this concept I hope to share parts of that with the consumer." 

-Marcus Jordan 


Marcus Jordan plans to recreate the family vibe that their trophy room exuded when he was a child. The TROPHY ROOM will be decorated with vintage Jordan home videos and photos. The boutique will offer footwear, apparel and memorobilia to serve as trophies to loyal customers.