MITD COVER: Mamé Adjei

If you didn't already know Mamé Adjei, a Ghanian beauty from Silver Spring, MD taking the modeling world by storm, you will soon. She has accomplished so much in the past two years: she graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University, was crowned Miss Maryland 2015, and is currently a final contestant on this season of America's Next Top Model.

We sat down with Mamé as she discussed the best advice she received from Tyra Banks, the projects she's working on right now, and more.

What is your biggest mission in the modeling world and how do you see yourself progress in this industry?

As a model, I want to achieve supermodel & iconic status. I want to be considered among the greats such as Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Cindy Crawford and other women as memorable & talented as them. I see myself progressing quite fast with the direction and favor of God. I feel as though my talent will speak for itself in many ways. Most importantly though, I mostly want to also use my platforms to give back to youth and women internationally by partnering with various humanitarian organizations. 

Whats the best piece of advice Tyra gave you on ANTM?

The best advice that Tyra gave me was probably to not be afraid to be myself, and try new things on set. Basically to trust myself, my talent, and my capabilities, and to be more vocal. 

Which blogs, websites, and fashion magazines do you visit most often?

I don't visit many blogs, but I am pretty much always on Hulu or Netflix trying to find new shows and movies to watch. I do also write my own blog on, and so I am usually trying to think up of new things to talk about. I am always picking up Nylon Magazines to see whether I am in it or if ANTM has got a feature. I also love VOGUE and iD.

Who or what has influenced you the most?

I think I have been most influenced by my faith. God has directed me in the direction of my dreams, and when I finally accepted my strength and ability to make it happen, although scary, it changed my life. And so I am always inspired and motivated to continue.

What project or accomplishment do you consider to be the most significant in your career?

So far, I would consider placing top five at Miss USA and placing second on ANTM all in the span of six months as my proudest accomplishment.

What are your goals as a model?

My goal as a model [is] to become iconic. To get there, I hope to work with the best photographers, best agencies, and best designers to build a name and brand for myself that resonates with people everywhere.

What projects are you currently working on right now? 

I am currently working on creating a college tour that would allow me to continue my community efforts on a bigger scale--which began as Miss Maryland USA--where I would travel to schools speaking to young girls about actively pursuing their dreams and not allowing their circumstances to hold them back.

What's the best piece of advice you have ever received on a shoot?

The best piece of advice would probably be to relax on set and just move [and not] to worry about posing.




PHOTOGRAPHY by Veronica Sequeira


STYLING by Carolina Chavez

MAKEUP by Edwin Esquivel

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