DeAndre Jordan possibly has the dunk of the year


DeAndre Jordan is known for two reasons--his abysmal free throw shooting and his thunderous dunks. Among Jordan's most memorable dunks is on former Pistons guard Brandon Knight. However, Jordan's dunk on Wednesday night may be as impressive.

                                                Photo credit: HipHopSince1987

                                               Photo credit: HipHopSince1987

The LA Clippers and the Milwaukee Bucks were tied with 10 points apiece about halfway through the first quarter. On the next Clippers possession, Chris Paul penetrated the Bucks' defense and dished it out to the fast approaching Jordan who thundered it down on 6'11" forward Greg Munroe. The stale face was definitely in effect.

The Clippers went on to win the game 109-95, garnering its 13th win of the season.