Election Day

By Angelie Benn 

Happy Election Day! Living in the nation's capital, it's hard not to get lost in all of the politics. Here are a few elections around the country you should keep an eye out for.


Virginia Senate  

In Virginia, the control of the upper house of the legislature is fair game for the Parties. In 2014, the Democrats had control after Govenor Terry McAuliffe was elected into office. After a mysterious resignation, the Democratic Party lost it's control. Today, McAuliffe is ready to win. Even if he does win, we're unsure how effective he will be in office since the Republicans still control the House.

 Mississippi Education 

The Mississippi Adequate Education Program decided how much the state should spend per child to provide an education in the states public schools. Since the government has only matched what the formula requires twice, this election is detrimental to the minds of the underprivileged youth in the state. 

Colorado Marijuana Money 

Tuesday, voters will decide what to do with the extra money made from marijuana sales. After being legalized in 2012 (which prompted the legalization in our city), the $66 million in extra tax revenue needs a place to go. Because the state requires extra tax influx be given back to taxpayers, the state is asking voters to vote "yes" and let the state keep the excess tax revenue and spend it on school construction and youth programs.