We Are Thankful for J. Cole and K. Dot


Christmas came early Friday evening. At approximately 4:49 p.m. EST, Kendrick, aka K. Dot, and J. Cole dropped arguably two of the top tracks of the year. K. Dot rapped over Cole's "A Tale of Two Citiez" instrumental while Cole rapped over K. Dot's smash hit "Alright". To tell you they bodied the tracks is an understatement. Several stale faces were in effect.

Both tracks are titled "Black Friday", in conjunction with the fact it was Black Friday yesterday. On K. Dot's version, the artwork featured a black background with both Kendrick's and Cole's names etched in white. However, Cole's name was crossed out. On Cole's track, it featured the same color scheme, however, K. Dot's name was scratched out. This was not intended to be subliminal disses but rather showcasing who was dropping the verse.

At press time, the duo's music posts combined for over 100K retweets and 80K favorites on Twitter. You can infer that the web was itching for these gems.

Rumors of the two dropping a collab project together surfaced earlier this year. But, Cole hinted at the project on his "Black Friday" track.

"But this February bet sh*t gets scary when I f*ck around and drop--" Cole said, before the record times out.

Take a listen to the tracks below. You won't be disappointed.