“Hello” from the winning side


With albums titled "19," "21," and "25," respectively, Adele has proven again that the numbers don’t lie. The British songstress is no stranger to music industry success, but the fanfare around her new album "25" is unprecedented.

After breaking iTunes sales records back in late October with her single “Hello,” her album has now broken another one. 



While previously the boy band N*SYNC topped the list for most first week sales, projections have proven true as the “Hello” singer’s album surpasses the former record. N*SYNC’s 2000 album “No Strings Attached” first week sales peaked at 2,416,000, but with only little over of three days Adele resides at 2,433,000 currently.  

It is projected that the album will hit 2.9 million by the end of it’s first week according to industry forecasters. Adele’s album "25" is currently available on iTunes.