Could The Dubs Get the Dub Over The '94-'95 Bulls?


The Golden State Warriors aka The Dubs have been dubbing the league in all facets and it's exciting to watch. The team made history on Sunday with its 15th win of the season--tying for the longest winning streak to start a season.

This impressive run has sparked comparisons with one of the best NBA teams of all-time, the '94-'95 Chicago Bulls. According to an ESPN article, former Bulls guard Ron Harper who was on the '94-'95 team, tweeted that his team would have swept the Warriors. You can read his tweet below:

Steve Kerr, a guard on the '94-'95 Bulls team and currently the Warriors head coach, (however, he has been sidelined since the start of this season due to back ailments), commented on the debate as well. However, he never truly proclaimed who would win the match-up. But, he did admit that "The Chef" is unguardable.

According to an online simulation powered by Sportsline, the '94-'95 Bulls would have about a 52 percent chance to win the match-up. However, there are several factors that may skew or manipulate the data such as the level of defensive contact and an increased focus on the three-point shot in later years.

 Credit: Flickr

Credit: Flickr

Essentially, this debate is a stalemate and it will continue to remain so unless The Warriors manage to garner more than 72 wins in the regular season. Only time will tell.