George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic funk it up in the DMV




“What y’all young bloods know ‘bout that?” We’ve all heard the old heads tell us this when their favorite artists from back in the day played on the radio and we often roll our eyes in response. But, when the likes of funk legend George Clinton and his renowned band, Parliament Funkadelic are in question, your family and relatives know what they were talking about.

The “King of Funk” and his posse have been consistently touring all across the globe since February of this year. The band touched down in the DMV area on Nov. 19—its first stop was the Howard Theatre in Washington, DC.

 Credit: Funkadelic

Credit: Funkadelic


In its heyday back in the 1980’s, Parliament Funkadelic was heralded for putting on the most extravagant live shows at that time. Today, the band’s energy and flair is still apparent, despite the addition of younger talent. The band’s loud, funky, vibrant sound complemented the blues, purples and greens emitted from the stage lights.

Clinton and the band wrapped up its visit in the DMV on Nov. 21 at the Tally Ho Theater in Leesburg, VA. Following the show, Parliament Funkadelic headed to Buffalo, NY to continue the rest of its tour in the northeast region. So, if you want to get exposed to the music the old heads in your family were raving about, nab a ticket and get funky.