We caught up with JMSN at Trillectro 2015

By Angelie Benn and Loren Nebrich

We caught up with JMSN earlier this year at Trillectro music festival. He told us about his Midwest upbringing, touring in Asia and Austrailia, and the possibility of another Boogie Basics video. Read below for more from JMSN.

 Photo by Veronica Sequeira  

Photo by Veronica Sequeira  

 Photo by Veronica Sequeira  

Photo by Veronica Sequeira  

MITD: So from what I’ve listened to, you are very genre bending.

J: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah for sure.

MITD: Yeah, and you’ve performed alongside with alternative bands like The Neighborhood as well as the rapper Curren$y I believe, right?

J: Yeah.

MITD: The range of artists is crazy. Where do your influences come from? Did growing up in Detroit affect that at all?

J: Yeah oh yeah of course, of course. I feel like, it was such a mesh of so many different things in Detroit. You know, the Midwest in general I feel is just a collage of so many different influences because you know, there’s not a strong east side, west side thing. It’s just this middle ground of taking from those areas and like you know just meshing them all together. It’s a melting pot of influences, you know?

MITD: Totally! So, recently you just came back from your Blue Heat tour in Australia and Asia, how did those shows go in terms of audience and reception?

J: Oh, good good, yeah. It’s surprising when you go to - especially when you go to a place like China. Ya know, Australia was surprising in general, but then when you go to a place like China where they have a firewall on the Internet and they can’t even – there’s like - you’re wondering how the hell did they even hear about you? And uh it was crazy to like go out there and have people come out to the shows. It was trippy, you know? But it was awesome. It was an awesome experience. Crazy, but awesome.

MITD: You ended up making a song with Christian Rich, and you have a song called Fast Life with them, which I love. The production is amazing, and I wanted to know, did you take part in any production or was it all them?

J: No, no, that’s all them. They killed that, you know. When they sent me the song to sing on, it was so different than what ended up. I sang the vocals and I sent them the stems and I’m like "Here, you can mix it. Do whatever you want with this." They put the strings in it, and all the other stuff, and then the ending part, and I was like "Damn, you guys went in."

MITD: Yeah, they’re tight, they’re so good.

J: Oh they’re real good, yeah.

MITD: We know that you produce, you write, you sing, and you play a lot of instruments. If you could choose one aspect of making music, if you could choose writing, or singing, or producing, or playing instruments strictly, what would you choose and why?

J: Oh, that’s a hard one. It would probably be between song writing and singing.

MITD: Okay.

J: I think I would take song writing because I could still sing, I guess I just wouldn’t publicly. Yeah, I would do songwriting. 

MITD: I loved your new video for Need You.

J: Thank you.

MITD: No problem. Can we expect a full project soon?

J: Yeah, oh yeah. I’m working on it right now. I’m working on hopefully getting it done by Christmas. Not saying it’ll be out by Christmas, but you know, trying to get it finished so we can start, you know like uh mastering and putting our work together. All that stuff, so.

MITD: Great, and I have one last question for you. Can we expect another one of your hilarious Boogie Basics videos anytime soon?

J: Yeah, we might, we’re making a VHS, like a full VHS because we shot videos for every one of the songs on the Blue album, so it’s like gonna be a full extended VHS. So it’ll have a little extended version of the Boogie Basics. 

We'd like to thank JMSN for taking the time out to talk to us. 

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