Photo by Othello Banaci

It's Wednesday! Which means another round of #MITDWCW This week we're work-crushing on district-dwelling photographer, Othello Banaci aka @obshoots_

Banaci is a self-taught photographer and director of West African decent. Prior to picking up a camera, he was a fashion intern in New York City. Inspired by the creative culture he felt around him, Banaci was motivated to pick up a camera and start his colorful journey into creating photographs. He states, 

"Since then, my art form has constantly evolved through personal projects and encounters with amazing people."

Check out these vibrant photos of his most recent work, shot at Softbox Studios. 

Black Excellence | #sneakpeek

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Othello, nice work- we see you! Follow his feed at @obshoots_ and check out his website to see more of his work www.obshoots.com


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