New Phone, Who Dis?

I’m sure you’ve seen the phrase “New Phone, Who Dis?” around a lot lately and that’s all thanks to Rebekkah Williamson (@heysweetz). When she started this idea in August 2015, she wasn’t thinking or planning for it to get this big. Rebekkah hand stitched her first hat just for her to wear and when she wore it to the 40oz Bounce event in DC, everyone wanted to know where she got it.

Her friends pushed her to make them a hat and to eventually start selling but she wasn’t interested. After the Instagram requests and more people inquiring, she told herself, “if I get a list of 50 people requesting, I will make and sell 50 hats.” That list of 50 people came in and like she promised, she made a limited edition set of 50 hats, that sold out in 4 hours.

Today, she’s taking over with sold out collections and people constantly DMing her requesting for more. Celebrities like Dej Loaf (who’s manager contacted her directly for purchase), Dr. Miami, YesJulz and plenty notable photographers and artists have been spotted wearing her hat. It’s also been featured on Fashion Bomb Daily, 1 of 99 most influential style magazines in the world.

“New Phone, Who Dis?” came from Rebekkah’s constant mood. “It’s something I’ve always said. Even though I had people’s numbers and they would irritate me, I would respond, ‘New Phone, Who Dis?’ That was just always my mood.”

Well, looks like Rebekkah’s constant mood is making her constant money!

“New Phone, Who Dis?” hats are on sale at Check her out and follow her on Instagram to keep up with all her new releases at @heysweetz.


Written by Hiba J.