Pick your Halloween poison


With Halloween just a day away, it’s time to solidify your plans and see what the District has to offer.

If you haven’t already visited Scream City in the DC Armory at RFK Stadium, now is the time. Whether it be Friday night or Halloween itself, make sure to include this thriller in whatever you have planned this weekend.

In the Exorcism Estate Haunted House, a wealthy family that once lived in the Victorian mansion disappear after their third daughter is born on Halloween night. Never to be heard from again. Many say their daughter may have been the spawn of Satan, but you’ll have to take a walk in the mansion to find out the real story.

If you haven't gotten the chills yet, your next option is the “Slaughter Factory,” a meat factory gone wrong. It started off with an accident, a simple mistake that left an employee fingerless. Eventually, the owner went completely insane, obsessed with the thrill of the slaughter. Nothing could satisfy his thirst for human blood.

Whichever attraction you decide to go to, it will more than likely leave you petrified.


Get your tickets soon before you chicken out, oh yeah, and Happy Halloween.