Watch Kendrick Lamar's "These Walls" Video

Kendrick Lamar released an episodic video Wednesday evening for “These Walls,” titled “Behind the Walls: A Black Comedy” from his sophomore major release, "To Pimp a Butterfly." He reconnects with the director of “Alright,” Colin Tilley, and tells a story in an 8-minute short film. Compared to “Alright,” “Behind the Walls” is a more light-hearted video where the audience can kickback and laugh at the sequence of events though dark themes are still covered in it, like drug abuse and sexual antics.

The video starts in a jail cell where we see the first star, comedian Corey Holcomb, who takes viewers through flashbacks of his night, which explain his current situation. Following the insane house party, Terry Crews comes on the scene and has a misleading conversation with Lamar, during which you hear, “Kill these motherfuckers, get that money, and come out.” Where we expect shit to go down is where Lamar and Crews walk into the building and “Hit the Quan” instead.

Crews' role in this video is ironic and supports the morbid humor of a “black comedy.” Instead of seeing killing and robbing, the whole video turns into a comic relief where the feud is actually a dance competitionThe video runs full circle when Corey Holcomb is arrested and ends with “To Be Continued…”