Ahmed Mohamed Visits the White House

Texas teen Amhed Mohamed was arrested last month for bringing a home made clock to school, which teachers claimed to believe was a bomb. After it became clear that the issue was his skin color and not the clock, #IStandWithAhmed trended worldwide for days. President Barack Obama took to Twitter to say he also stood with Mohamed, and even extended him an invitation to his home. 

Monday evening, 14-year-old Mohamed took POTUS up on his offer. Mohamed was a guest at Astronomy Night at The White House, along with other students and teachers from across America.

Created in 2009, Astronomy Night at The White House is a celebration of science where attendees spend the evening stargazing on the South Lawn. It was intended to push the youth to pursue careers in Science. Scientists, engineers, and visionaries from astrology also attended this event to share personal experiences from their field of work. 

Although they did not have a one-on-one meeting, the two reportedly shook hands and chatted during the event. After visits to Google and Facebook, he has added a personal invitation to The White House from Barack Obama to his roster.