D.C. Residents pick the 'Best in D.C.'

If you’re a regular metro rider, then you know all about the Washington Post's Express, an easy-to-read roundup of all things D.C to help make your commute a little less drab. The newspaper released their annual ‘Best in D.C.’ list, in which people in the area voted for the best food, drinks, art, fitness, sports, and all around lifestyle that D.C. has to offer. 

Some highlights were the hard-to-get-into Toki Underground taking the top spot for Best Ramen and the National Cherry Blossom Festival voted as best Holiday Event in D.C., disputably. But the category most D.C. residents agreed on was Best D.C. Experience Made Better by Marijuana. Answer? “Everything” 

Take a look at the list. Did any of your favorites make the cut?