Rare Panther and Levi’s drop a limited edition trucker jacket. Each individualized piece is hand chain-stitched with the light blue Rare Panther graphics. The jacket has a bolt design on the top and bottom back of the jacket. The front of the jacket features a panther graphic and bolt as well. This limited edition jacket will be exclusively sold at Rare Panther’s LA pop-up. 


Tommy Jean and Urban Outfitters come out with a pretty and pastel collection right in time for summer.  The team brings us pastel colors like pink, yellow, and green. The staple Tommy Hilfiger logo is prominent on the designs, fitting well with the various pastels and the whites, and navy colors as well. The collection includes tees, tanks, jacket, jeans, and shortalls. The collection ranges in price from $50-$199 USD. The collection is available on UrbanOutfitters.com now,





Brazilian streetwear brand Storvo releases another capsule collection after their Summer 2017 line. “Space Odyssey” pays homage to Stanley Kubrick’s movie 2001. The out of this world collection contains space program inspired icons, space maps, and graphic space designs. The pieces include jackets, tees, and sweats. The clothing comes in colors like black, navy, gray, and white. The exclusive collection will be released on Sunday, May 28th.


Estonian singer/songwriter Iiris has released an official music video for her song “Stranger." Iiris debuted her enchanting voice in 2012 with her first studio album, “The Magic Gift Box.” This EDM single was released in March and he music video was released on May 23rd. Iiris describes the video as how she feels while she is dancing alone in her room. The bright flashing lights and Iiris’ dancing mesh well with the fun beat. This song is the perfect EDM release in time for summer, giving us an excuse to dance alone in our own rooms.



#WorkCrushWednesday: Mark Paul Deren/Pow! Wow!

By: Dominic Salacki

This week's Work Crush Wednesday comes in the form of a visionary artist named Mark Paul Deren.

After being born blind in his left eye and given 3hree first names (Mark Paul DerenMADSTEEZ is a multi-faceted artist/designer based in WEENSV!LLE, CA. Growing up on the outskirts of Washington DC, surrounded by nicknames and the oh so frequent game of biscuit, his HEYD!K sense of humor emerged. 

As an artist, MADSTEEZ is known for his vivid, large-scale, multi-layered paintings, where strange and familiar figures are integrated into abstract landscapes. He has held solo exhibitions in New York City, Los Angeles, and Tokyo as well as group showings in London, Germany, Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, Calgary and Art Basel, Miami.


Mark just finished painting a lovely mural in the downtown D.C. area.

In 2006, under his moniker “”MADSTEEZ”", Deren made an exclusive content deal with cellular company Boost Mobile” offering its youth wireless customers an opportunity to own a piece of limited edition artwork on their Boost Mobile phone for a fraction of the gallery price.”In 2007 he completed a creative collaboration with the actor/artist icon Dennis Hopper which is documented HERE. In July of 2009, Deren partnered with Nike, Inc. and released a signature series shoe named the “STINKWEEN“. In 2010, he was commissioned by Nike to produce the 2010 FIFA World Cup Mural on top of the Montalban Theater in Hollywood, CA. Documented HERE.

His visual style has attracted clients such as Nike, Inc.Target CorporationRed BullBoost MobileHonda, Boosted, Volkswagen, MCA Records, Interscope Records, StüssyEvisuBen Sherman, Capita Snowboards, Armada Skis, Rusty, Salomon, Lemonade Magazine, Wallin Surfboards, ActivEmpire, ActionSports Group, So Sweet Records, 411VM, Palace 5ive, and Bl!SSS Magazine.

Madsteez has received recognition in the following publications and websites: The New York TimesFlaunt, Dazed and Confused, Nylon (magazine), Black Book, Vapors, Paper (magazine), Mass Appeal, Death and Taxes, Time OutStuff (magazine), URB, Vice (magazine), Apparel News, AlternativePress, Happy, SG, Get On, XLR8R, Lemonade, OC Weekly, 411, Riviera, woostercollective.com, thefader.com, dorkmag.com, knowngallery.com, highsnobiety.com and boostedmobile.com

Here are some more pieces of work by Mark.


Mark also works closely with POW! WOW!, a gathering of contemporary artists that engages with the broader community in the process and creation of art, happening May 17-27, 2017. Scroll down for more information!

Wednesday, May 24 / Mural Tour and Happy Hour

The tour will gather in the lobby of 1200 First St. NE.
6pm-8pm || Tour begins at 6:30pm and will end at AVA NoMa with drinks and conversation.

Saturday, May 27 / Mural Tour and Happy Hour

The tour will gather in the lobby of 1200 First St. NE.
5pm-7pm || Tour begins at 5:30pm and will end at Whole Foods Market on H Street NE with drinks and conversation.

Mural locations:

  • 331 N St. NE: east-facing wall
  • 331 N St. NE: north-facing wall
  • Metropolitan Branch Trail: under New York Avenue overpass
  • Metropolitan Branch Trail: between New York Avenue overpass and R Street NE
  • 55 M St. NE
  • 44 M St. NE
  • 1222 First St. NE: wall facing Patterson Street NE
  • 1150 First St. NE: wall facing Pierce Street NE

Get Inspired At MCON 2017!

By: Dominic Salacki

Who gives a damn about social change? Who's ready to turn their interest into action? Who's ready for MCON 2017?

MCON believes that every person wants to do good in this world and that some of us just need a little inspiration to take that first step. That is why MCON exists.

"Returning to the District for a second year, MCON – an annual millennial-impact focused conference – will bring together millennial leaders to explore three main topics: social justice, planet and identity, while highlighting the best in DC culture."

"Taking place at the Newseum, MCON will gather national leaders, activists and social entrepreneurs to understand today’s social movements and how to turn interest in an issue into action."

Join MCON as they welcome featured speaker Allison Williams, star of the HBO series Girls and the film Get Out, who is set to speak at 4:30 p.m. on June 6.

"The two-day event explores new ideas around how organizations and companies can integrate transparency, culture and innovation to address timely social issues and promote activism."

So who gives a damn about social change? Who's ready to turn their interest into action? Who's ready for MCON 2017? Get your tickets today!

MCON 2017!
June 5-6
The Newseum
555 Pennsylvania Ave NW

MCON Twitter
MCON Facebook
MCON Tumblr

The Source by Wolfgang Puck Marks 10 Year Anniversary

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 12.45.37 PM.png

The Source, owned by Wolfgang Puck, is a renowned restaurant at the Newseum in Downtown DC. The contemporary and stylish restaurant serves Asian cuisine and also has an aesthetically pleasing bar and lounge area. 

As this week marks The Source’s 10th year anniversary, Wolfgang Puck is bringing back some classic dishes for a “Retro Week” celebration. The retro, throwback meals that the restaurant will be serving include lettuce cups with stir-fried lamb, roast rockfish with red Thai curry and lacquered Chinese duck with lo mein noodles.

If you would like to learn more about the Source, look at the restaurant’s current menu, or make a reservation, you can visit the website here.

G-Eazy and 9th Wonder Collab for New Single

G-Eazy and 9th Wonder collaborated to create a new singled called “Maximum.” The song was posted on G-Eazy’s Soundcloud account. 

G-Eazy and 9th Wonder’s fans would never have thought that the two would have had a connection to work together, but 9th Wonder explains it all in an

Listen to “Maximum"

Future and Kendrick Lamar Release “Mask Off” Remix

In February 2017, Future released his fifth album titled, “Future.” In this album is a song called “Mask Off,” which gained fame from his fans and also became widely recognized on the internet for weeks. 

Recently, Future has collaborated with Kendrick Lamar, another renown hip-hop artist, to recreate “Mask Off.” Listen to the remix on Audiomac.com

To Manchester With Love

By now, we have all heard about the tragedy in Manchester at the Ariana Grande concert.  Reports have confirmed that it was a terrorist attack (ISIS has now chimed in), and there are more details rolling out by the minute, but all of the exact answers have yet to be confirmed.  With victims as young as 8 years old, and a possible suspect 23 years of age, this event can easily be described as nothing less than a complete massacre. With a number of lives lost (the count is 22), more missing, and so many people hurt by this act, MITD would like to take a moment to send our condolences to the many families affected by this tragedy.

Ariana has spoken out about the attack, and is devastated. "Broken" is the word she used, and it's completely understandable. Reports say that she is extremely worried about the well-being of her fans. Grande's manager Scooter Braun had this to say:

Tonight, our hearts are broken,” he wrote. “Words cannot express our sorrow for the victims and families harmed in this senseless attack. We mourn the lives of children and loved ones taken by this cowardly act. We are thankful for the selfless service tonight of Manchester’s first responders who rushed towards danger to help save lives. We ask all of you to hold the victims, their families, and all those affected in your hearts and prayers.

This horrifying act brings up some really important subjects, ironically ones that celebs have been tweeting about throughout the night. All around the world, Manchester, to The United States, and beyond, there is so much going on.  The number of acts of violence have increased, the sense of fear has increased, and the desire for change has definitely multiplied. People are scared for their safety and well-being. While this unnecessary act was unwarranted, terrifying, and extremely unfortunate, it should cause us to take pause. Now is the time to embrace your loved ones, check on the people in your lives, and find ways to help in any way you can. From IG to Twitter to Facebook, one theme was louder than most last night. The world is hurting. That much is very clear.

Senseless acts of violence are confusing and sad, so let's do what we can to bring a bit of light and love to the world. To Ariana Grande, the families of lost and injured loved ones, and to all of the people of the world just trying to understand why all of this is happening, we wish you the best getting through this difficult time. From MITD to Manchester and to the world, with love.

Logan Noir At AFI Silver Theatre!

Fans of black-and-white and Marvel superhero films will truly appreciate this event to take place in the D.C. area!

"The AFI Silver Theatre will be presenting a single screening of Logan Noir, a new monochromatic version of the recent box office film telling the final Wolverine story."

After the film, there will be a 30-minute pre-recorded Q&A with the Wolverine himself Hugh Jackman and the film's director James Mangold.

Get your tickets!


Tuesday, May 23 | 7:15 PM
AFI - AFI Silver 1
8633 Colesville Rd. Silver Spring, MD

Seafood Restaurant Opens in Dupont Circle Hotel

Robert Wiedmaier, a renown restaurant owner, opened up a restaurant called, Siren. It is located at boutique hotel in Dupont Circle, The Darcy.

The restaurant has an overall theme of seafood. The cuisine emphasizes ingredients from the ocean like crustacean-filled seafood towers, caviar service, surf-and-turf platters embellished with whipped Wagyu butter and more.

Not only is Siren’s food amazing, but its unique ambiance makes for an incredible experience. "Siren’s brass-trimmed interior has the appeal of a captain’s quarters, with dark, handsome millwork, deep red accents, and splashes of oceanic blue. Folkloric yet edgy depictions of mermaids as well as tattoo designs from bygone sailing cultures enliven the space. Often, in the evenings, the strains of live jazz are as seductive as the Siren’s song. (Siren’s brass-trimmed interior has the appeal of a captain’s quarters, with dark, handsome millwork, deep red accents, and splashes of oceanic blue. Folkloric yet edgy depictions of mermaids as well as tattoo designs from bygone sailing cultures enliven the space. Often, in the evenings, the strains of live jazz are as seductive as the Siren’s song. (Siren Website) "

If you would like to make a reservation, visit the Siren website here

Wiz Khalifa Releases Remix: “Stay Stoned"


You may be familiar with Childish Gambino’s song, “Redbone.” It is the artists #1 most played song on Spotify and the music video for it has gotten over 55 million views on Youtube.

Wiz Khalifa put a fresh, new sound to Gambino’s instrumental to “Redbone.” Wiz Khalifa’s version is called “Stay Stoned (Redbone Weedmix).” It talks about the experiences he has had in life, good or bad; he reminds his fans that he stays stoned throughout these times. Quintessential Wiz.


DMV On The Rise: Dreamcast


Dreamcast is a DC-based DJ and musician. The homegrown artist recently released DREAMCAST VOL. 3, which received a raving review from the Washington Post and even landed him a gig at the mysterious DuPont Underground. In an interview below, we discuss Dreamcast's favorite DC venues to perform at, the impact of the local creative community on his works, and more. 

MITD: You recently dropped DREAMCAST VOL. 3. You received nods from the Washington Post and hosted the release party at Black Cat. Is there any feedback you received on the tape that held more weight than most?

Dreamcast: The article by Chris Richards that ran in the Washington Post has pushed me the most. The comparison to Marvin Gaye really motivated me continue taking risk with my music, and to preserve my sound. 

MITD: The first time I saw you live, you did a DJ set, but more recently you've been performing original music. Which do you prefer and why?

Dreamcast: I enjoy both almost equally but if I were to give a slight edge to one, it would be performing original music. I began my music career strictly DJing so understanding how to move a crowd was my first lesson in performing. incorporating the live music element into my sets just allowed me to build on interacting with the audience. 

MITD: Who are some influencers you recognize that have helped you progress in the local creative community?

Dreamcast: My biggest influences come from musical artist like  Raheem Devaughn , Marvin Gaye , Jesse Boykins , Melo X, Jenna Camille, Exactly, Ustelö, just to name a few. Fashion also inspires me, enjoying hanging out and being around some of the city. Big ups to Steven aka Stereofaith for sneaking me into clubs back in the day to show me what the scene was like at a young age. 

MITD: You've been lucky enough to perform at iconic DC venues like Black Cat, DuPont Underground, Songbyrd. Where is your favorite venue to perform?

Dreamcast: My favorite venue hands down is wherever I can throw an amazing house showcase. With no more than 50-70 people, lots of liquor and some amazing weed. That's a good show. Intimacy is what brings people back to your music and nothing is more intimate than a sweaty house party.

MØ Releases Music Video For Her Single "Nights With You"

BY Haley Davoren

Danish singer songwriter has released a music video for her single “Nights With You” May 22nd. MØ’ has been topping the charts internationally since her debut single “Glass” in 2013. MØ shows off her various dance skills in this video.  The video features graceful lyrical dances between MØ and her company and an intimate dance between two men in a destroyed building. The video starts off with graceful and coordinated dancing in a post-apocalyptic like world. The end features a rave like scene with trance like dancing. The music video is available on youtube now.



Major Lazer releases New Single

The Major Lazer crew worked together to create a new single called “Know No Better.” The song also features artists Travis Scott, Quavo, Camila Cabello and Starrah. They first shared the song at a music festival on the gulf shores of Alabama called Hangout Music Festival.  

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 12.25.28 AM.png

Before Major Lazer released the song at Hangout, Diplo gave a sneak peek of a part of the song during an Instagram Live session. You can hear it here .

Princess Nokia Models For Adidas Streetwear Line XbyO

Hip-hop artist Princess Nokia is the face of the Adidas Original XbyO’s 2017 Fall/Winter campaign. Princess Nokia debuted her alter ego in 2014, with her track “Nokia”.  The Adidas streetwear line XbyO has released their debut drop. The fall/winter 2017 offers casual everyday wear like tees, tracksuits, and hoodies. Colors include greys, whites, and burgundy. Princess Nokia models the line, showing off her style in the dope line. The collection will be released on June 1st.


BY Haley Davoren

Dipset comes out with their Spring/Summer 2017 collection. The collection is a light pink explosion with key pieces being a light pink and light pink settings in the lookbook. More standouts include the “stop snitching” tees and hoodies. The prices in the collection range from $36-$130 USD. The collection also contains homegoods like pillows. The collection is available on Dipset’s site now.




Haven’s new editorial, “In Isolation” is inspired by sci-fi classics such as 1984 and Blade Runner. Names include UNDERCOVER, Stone Island, HUMAN MADE, NEIGHBORHOOD, and more. The photos were shot by photographer Jefford Lam. The theme portrays a dystopian feel, while showing us wardrobe basics like vests, shirts, and pullovers. The pieces are all  available online now and prices range from $281-$1400 USD.




In honor of the launch of #MADEINDC program by Think Local First and Small Business Development Program, MITD has decided to highlight local businesses that are a part of the program: businesses that design, make/produce, and/or assemble products in the District of Columbia.


hunnybunny is a boutique manufacturer and retailer specializing in all-natural bath and beauty products.  Each item is handmade with only uses natural and healthy ingredients to nourish your skin.  Many of our ingredients are food-based items you will find in your own kitchen. 

According to their website, before it hits the shelves, every hunnybunny product must pass the "Owner's Challenge" - is it good enough and safe enough to be used on the company's two owners, Nya and Zuri.  Made by a mother for her children, there is no higher standard.  Before your family uses it, their family uses it. Their ingredients are pure and naturaland the result is a superior product that is luxurious, safe, and "Chemical Free." 

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 12.47.14 PM.jpg
Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 12.47.26 PM.jpg

Recently, Nya and Zuri Byers, the owners of hunnybunny boutique, were joined by representatives from The River Inn to announce the two companies’ new partnership. For hunnybunny boutique, a DC- based manufacturer and retailer specializing in all-natural bath and beauty products, this partnership marks the company’s first foray into business to business sales with its first hotel client.

“This is great,” said owner Nya Byers. “Not only do we get more sales, but we get to have fun and make more friends at the hotel!” With its slogan, “Be Relaxed,”

The River Inn sought a partner with spa-influenced products that are great for your skin but also healthy for your body. Also locally owned, the hotel takes pride in announcing this partnership with another local business to provide visitors an experience unique to Washington, DC. For more information, please visit www.hunnybunnyboutique.com or www.theriverinn.com.

FACEBOOK: @lovehunnybunnyboutique

TWITTER: @love_hunnybunny

INSTAGRAM: @love_hunnybunny